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10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
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Emerging Technologies Equals Evolving Technicians
Richard Benkowski, United Association
Sonoma Room C
With new technologies come new challenges. It is essential that the people training our current
and future workforce know what technological changes are on the horizon to keep their
programs current and relevant. This session will cover: combined heat and power (CHP)
systems, an efficient approach to generating electric power, and useful thermal energy from a
single fuel source. Additionally, the session will cover: ASHRAE Guideline 32, DOE Home
Challenge Program, the EPA Green Chill program, and emerging technologies being developed
to meet the needs of the programs.
Don’t Teach Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes
Dr. Michael Lanouette, Remington Colleges
Napa Room A
Even the best instructors can accidentally step on educational landmines every now and then.
When they do, their effectiveness is well...affected. Being an effective instructor means not only
doing the things you are supposed to do, but avoiding those things in the classroom you should
not be doing. One way to minimize this from happening is to specifically identify the DONT'S of
the classroom. "Don't Teach Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes" is a presentation that
identifies, examines, and gives alternative practices to common DONT’S that unassuming and
even well meaning instructors tend to do in a typical classroom setting.
Simplified Psychrometrics - An Easy Approach to Introducing Psychrometrics to
Your Students
Earl Delatte, CMHE, HVAC Excellence
Napa Room B
This session will cover teaching the elementary use of the Psychrometric chart, and analysis of
various processes used in air conditioning, and understanding base formulas and concepts.
Psychrometrics should not be a word that instructors, students, and the general public are
intimidated by. Today understanding the concepts of Psychrometrics and the benefits of
teaching such a complex subject should not be put on the back burner or shied away from in
the ever changing world of HVAC. Open discussion on what works when teaching
Psychrometrics while maintaining an atmosphere that is fun and challenging for our students.
Real world applications that can be used in the classroom with students will be used.
Psychrometrics chart will be available for use in the class.
Hydrocarbon Refrigerants a New Beginning
Joe Marchese, Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
Napa Room C
Hydrocarbons R290, R600a, and the blend R441A are EPA SNAP approved refrigerants with
specific limits. Their properties, use, restrictions and safety requirements must be included in all
refrigeration education programs. RSES has developed this training to assist the HVACR
instructors and technicians to better understand the necessity of safely maintaining and
servicing systems that utilize these flammable refrigerants.
Monday March 31, 2014
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