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To find out more about the
residential energy auditor
training program, pricing,
customization or our train
the trainer program,
contact Renee Tomlinson
at 1-800-726-9696.
This 800-contact hour curriculum
package is delivered in a
modular design
to allow
instructors to utilize the entire
curriculum or select specific
subject modules to complement
any existing HVACR program.
The Residential Energy Auditor
Curriculum contains: reference
text recommendations, instructor
guides with learning objectives
and student outcomes defined,
instructor talking points,
PowerPoint presentations with
speaker’s notes, review
questions, lab exercises, and
performance evaluations.
Certifications Available
Both written and performance
assessments are required to
obtain a Residential Energy
Auditor Certification.
Hampden Engineering offers a residential
energy auditor training house that
simplifies the task of teaching energy
Residential Energy Auditor Curriculum
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