HVAC Excellence

HVAC Excellence Conference

If you are involved in training the incumbent or future HVACR workforce, then join us March 21‐23, 2022 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, for face‐to‐face, in‐person training, and exhibits. Then continue your learning on the HVACR Learning Network once you return home.

This event is designed to help everyone involved in training the HVACR workforce become more effective in their roles. Industry leading manufacturers, subject matter experts, and those on the front line of education are all assembled in one place to offer an array of lectures and hands-on courses to help you keep your training current, and relevant.

Why In-Person Training

While those involved in general education can attend online lecture courses, those teaching in a hands-on industry need live, hands-on demonstrations, that show them how to integrate these resources into their programs. To teach TXVs, mini-splits, brushless motors, brazing on systems with Low GWP Refrigerants (mildly-flammable and flammable), instructors must physically interact with the technology. The training offered at the conference allows attendees to meet subject matter experts, who showcase the technologies one cannot simply read about or learn from an online lecture.

Why Continue Online

With so many technological changes in the HVACR industry, it would be impossible to cover all the required training in just a few days. Once the face‐to‐face portion of the conference concludes, additional training is offered online. This helps build on the courses attended in-person, and allows the attendees to continue their learning, long after the in-person portion of training concludes.


The in-person portion of the event will be held at the South Point Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The online portion of the event will be hosted on the HVACR Learning Network.


The in-person portion of the event will be held March 21 ‐ 23, 2022, with continued online training offered in the months following.

Who Attends

This includes but is not limited to individuals affiliated with community colleges, private schools, apprenticeship programs, high schools, labor unions, utilities, associations, manufacturers, reentry programs, and wholesalers.

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