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Overview of the Onsite Visitation

The following is to provide an overview of a typical onsite visitation.


HVAC Excellence accreditation team members will arrive at the pre-scheduled time to conduct the one-day on

-site review of the program. Although this will typically be at 7:30 a.m., specific schedules may vary.

Morning Conference

The morning conference is an opportunity for the accreditation team members to meet with the HVACR

faculty, school administration, and other personnel they plan on meeting that day. As many of the school

members have not worked directly with HVAC Excellence, this provides an opportunity for questions and for

accreditation team members to provide a detailed overview of their planned schedule for the day. Upon

conclusion of this session, the onsite team will split up. One will spend the day with the school administration

verifying Standards 1-4, while the other will spend the day with HVACR faculty to verify Standards 5-9.

Interview the School Administrator

It is imperative for a member of the onsite team to meet with the school administrator and members of their

staff. The school administrator often knows of issues that may affect the school (I.E. a bond issue leading to a

new building), and how these changes can influence the HVACR program in the future.

Interview Student Services

An accreditation team member will meet with student services to learn more about: the pre-admission

procedures, how student medical information is recorded, learn about student counseling, review student

transcripts, learn about the school to work transition, and employment follow up procedures.

Interview Financial Services

A member of the onsite team will visit with the financial services department to learn about: student fees, the

annual HVACR program budget and how it is formulated.

Review Standards with Instructor

A member of the accreditation team will review all of the standards, and examine most recent roll book; safety

check sheets; advisory meeting minutes and agendas; curriculum updates and other items as requested.

Visit Instructor’s Office

An accreditation team member will visit the instructor’s office and verify they have a separate space where

they can meet privately with students to discuss their individual progress.

Meet with Members of the Program Advisory Committee

The accreditation team will want to meet with members of the program advisory committee to learn how the

program is meeting the needs of the community.

Student Interviews

The purpose in meeting with students is to discuss the program and verify there is adequate equipment and

tools for everyone.

Visit the Laboratory

The laboratory will be inspected to validate the program has the required equipment and tools to satisfy the

needs of the stated curriculum.

Exit Interview

Once the accreditation team members have completed their onsite review, they will meet with the HVACR

faculty and school administration to present their findings. These findings will be part of their official team

visitation report. The HVAC Excellence accreditation review board will use this report as part of the

determination process as whether or not to grant accreditation of the program and for how many years.