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Competency and Task List

Gas Heat

Students must


knowledge of


systems, their


and be able to


proficiency in:

Describing, explaining the function, evaluating, cleaning, and replacing (when feasible) of the

following components:

Single stage thermostat

Dual stage thermostat

Run and start capacitor

Gas piping drip-leg

Describing a blower housing cut-off plate

Identifying the different types of venting systems

Sizing and installing the vent systems

Poperly sizing, cutting, threading, and connecting gas piping

Instalingl a fire-stop support plate

Adjusting blower fan speed for proper temperature rise

Describing the procedure to measure static pressure

Sizing wire with regards to voltage drop and length of wiring run

Describing and demonstrating proper soldering procedures for electrical wiring

Setting the heat anticipation or cycling rate for a furnace thermostat

Describing and demonstrating proper installation of a single and two stage thermostats

Describing and demonstrating proper installation of a communication type thermostat

Adjusting airflow on a belt-driven blower assembly

Describing the procedure to de-rate a gas furnace at altitudes of 2,000 feet and above

Describing and demonstrating proper use of a Combustion analyzer

Identifying the different types of conduit used for power

Installing duct connectors and hangers

Describing and demonstrating proper installation of a duct mounted Carbon Monoxide detector

Gas Heat


g and problem


Troubleshooting and problem solving involves diagnostic procedures requiring the use of test

instruments, data plate information, and wiring diagrams. All of the gas furnace system

components, circuits, air distribution system, and/or power supply should be part of

troubleshooting and problem solving.


should have

knowledge of

and be able to

describe and


the following



Ladder safety procedures

Clearances to combustibles for venting materials

Maximum level of Carbon monoxide in ppm in a flue gas sample

Proper safety procedures to follow on discovery of a gas leak