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Competency and Task List

Students must have

knowledge of light com-

mercial refrigeration

systems, their compo-

nents, and be able to

demonstrate proficiency


Describing the operation and use of a gauge manifold assembly

Identifying and differentiate between the various types of service valves

Defining compression ratio

Describing the automatic pump-down system and its operation

Describing an air cooled condenser, its function, and operating parameters

Installing water cooled system and adjusting a water regulating valve

Describing the function of, and install a lockout relay in a circuit

Describing the operation of and install a contactor

Describing, test, and install a run and start capacitor

Describing and install a compressor potential start relay

Describing the operation of and test a high pressure switch

Describing the operation of and test a low pressure switch

Install and adjust a low pressure switch used for temperature control

Describing and wire the terminal connections of a thermostat temperature control

Describing and test thermistor type temperature sensors (PTC & NTC)

Describing the function, check the operation, and wire an oil pressure safety control

Installing and adjusting a low ambient temperature control

Test a blower or fan motor and its circuit

Describing the operation of and testing a hot gas bypass valve

Describing the operation of and adjust an inline, and pilot operated evaporator pressure


Describing and installing a replaceable core liquid line drier

Describing and install a replaceable core suction line filter drier

Describing dry type evaporators and their operation

Describing the piping configuration for a multiple evaporator systems

Describing the function and purpose of a multiple compressor system

Compressor capacity control methods and operation

Describing a chilled water system and its operation

Describing cooling towers and their operating limitations

Describing the operation and function of a flooded evaporator and its metering device

Commercial Refrigeration