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Competency and Task List

Residential Air Conditioning

Students should

have knowledge

of Air


components and

be able to


proficiency in:

Identifying proper charging a blended refrigerant by weight into an empty system

Demonstrating charging using the manufacturers literature

Demonstrating charging a mini-split system with two or more evaporators

Describing the following oils and their applications; Mineral, Alkylbenzene, Glycols, and Esters

Select the proper refrigerant oil and add it to an operating system

Defining compression ratio

Describing and preforming a compressor efficiency test

Determine superheat and subcooling on an operating system

Identifying proper charging of a compound refrigerant into an empty system

Identifying proper charging of a compound refrigerant into an operating system

Describing the six types of leak detectors and demonstrating the proper use

Explaining the proper use of each type of leak detector and their applicability

Explaining the method for and pinpointing a leak

Explaining the proper use and handling of nitrogen in the leak detection process

Defining and demonstrating refrigerant recovery

Defining and demonstrating refrigerant recycling

Defining reclaim

Installing an air handler

Installing a condensing unit

Adjusting blower fan speed

Select the proper refrigerant oil it to an operating system

Perform a compressor efficiency test

Students should

have knowledge of

and be able to

describe and

demonstrate the

following safety

Ladder and fall protection safety procedures

Lock Out and Tag Out procedures

Proper and safe handling of refrigerants

Proper PPE requirements

Emergency First Aid procedures

Proper use of hand tools

Air Conditioning


and problem

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving involve diagnostic procedures requiring the use of test

equipment, manufacturers’ installation and start up procedures, and data plate information.

Knowledge of the

following test

instruments and or

tools is required:

Thermometers (wet and dry)

Gauge manifold assembly

Refrigerant throttling valve

Charging scale and charging cylinder

Soldering and brazing equipment

Flaring tool/ tubing cutters

Tubing benders

Nitrogen Cylinder

Leak detector

Valve Core removal tool

Micron gauge

Vacuum pump

Recovery equipment