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Competency and Task List

Residential Air Conditioning


should have

knowledge of




and be able to


proficiency in:

Describing, explaining the function, evaluating, cleaning, and replacing (when feasible) of the

following components:

Compressors (reciprocating, scroll, rotary, and screw)

Compressor capacity control methods and operation

Condensers air cooled

Condensers water cooled

Metering devices (capillary tube, thermostatic expansion valve, automatic expansion valve,

electronic expansion valve)



Discharge line

Liquid line

Suction line

Liquid line filter/driver

Sight glass

Suction line filter


Head pressure controls

Low pressure controls

Pump down solenoid

Plotting the refrigeration cycle on a pressure enthalpy chart

Defining SEER and EER

Describing the operation and use of a gauge manifold assembly

Identifying and differentiate between the various types of service valves

Obtaining gauge pressure using compound gauges and convert to absolute

Defining vacuum and vacuum levels as required in the HVACR industry

Identifying the types of micron gauges and how they should be connected to measure evacuation


Explaining vacuum pump selection

Evacuating and measuring system evacuation level

Describing the triple evacuation method

Soldering and brazing using correct techniques

Demonstrating the triple evacuation method

Calculating and demonstrating the weigh-in charging method

Demonstrating charging using the superheat method

Demonstrating charging using the subcooling method

Identifying proper charging of a blended refrigerant into an operating system

Identifying proper charging a blended refrigerant by weight into an empty system

Demonstrating charging using the manufacturers literature

Demonstrating charging a mini-split system with two or more evaporators

Describing the following oils and their applications; Mineral, Alkylbenzene, Glycols, and Esters

Select the proper refrigerant oil and add it to an operating system

Defining compression ratio

Describing and preforming a compressor efficiency test

Determine superheat and subcooling on an operating system

Identifying proper charging of a compound refrigerant into an empty system

Identifying proper charging of a compound refrigerant into an operating system