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About Programmatic Accreditation


Programmatic accreditation in the HVACR

industry began in 1999, when HVAC Excellence

established the national standards.

What is Programmatic Accreditation?

Programmatic accreditation is a non-governmental,

independent third party review of an educational

program, comparing appropriate aspects of the

program to established standards.

The process validates that established standards of

excellence for HVACR educational programs are met.

These standards are designed to ensure that an

HVACR program has the resources and

administrative support that are required to provide the

quality of training needed for success in the HVACR


The accreditation process requires a thorough

examination of: mission of program, administration

responsibilities, finances and funds, student services,

instruction design and program elements, physical

facilities, equipment and tools, cooperative training

and instructor qualifications.

Benefits of Accreditation

Assures prospective students that the program

meets or exceeds industry standards.

Assures employers that program graduates are

properly trained and ready to enter the workforce.

Provides a powerful recruitment tool that can help

boost program enrollment.

Ensures course and program validity, easing the

process of transferring credits.

Provides a goal-setting path for self-improvement

and program growth/expansion.

Eases the process of establishing articulation


Provides valuable information needed for Perkins


The Mechanical Service Contractors of America

“MSCA” has named HVAC Excellence as its

partner for technician recruitment. MSCA is the

leading national trade association for Heating,

Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration,

Plumbing and Facility Operations contractors

representing companies such as Johnson

Controls, Carrier Commercial, EMCOR,

McKinstry, Trane Commercial, and other

prominent members.

Through an articulation agreement with the United

Association of Journeymen and Apprentices,

graduates may be eligible for advanced

placement opportunities into the United

Association apprenticeship program as the result

of HVAC Excellence credentials.

Places your program in the official directory of

accredited programs on our website.