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The HVAC Excellence competency and task list assist instructors in providing their students with the

knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the HVACR industry.

The competency and task list covers

the basics that should be incorporated in most HVACR educational programs.

The specific school curriculum

will dictate the competencies required, and may require additional competencies be added.

While no specific text books are required to integrate the competency and task list, a number of publishers

have cross walked their publications to this list. Your specific publisher can provide you with valuable

assistance when selecting materials for your program.

There is continual pressure for increased accountability in career and technical education programs. As a

result, increasing numbers of HVACR programs are using some form of discipline - specific course

assessments or end of program employment ready certification. In most cases this involves objective or

standardized testing.

This competency and task list is an excellence resource to ensure a program is aligned

with nationally established certifications, including the stackable credentials offered by HVAC Excellence.

The following are the minimum competencies required for any coursework listed or published in the

program brochure, school catalog, or website corresponding to the following titles;

1. Core Competencies

2. Electrical

3. Air Conditioning

4. Heat Pumps

5. Electric Heat

6. Light Commercial Air Conditioning

7. Light Commercial Refrigeration

8. Gas Heat

9. Oil Heat

It is recommended that

1. Electrical and Electric Heat competencies are prerequisites to Gas Heat or Oil Heat competencies.

2. Electrical, Electric Heat and Air Conditioning competencies are prerequisites to Heat Pump


3. Electrical and Air Conditioning competencies are prerequisites to Commercial Air Conditioning

and / or Commercial Refrigeration competencies.