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Application for Programmatic Accreditation

P.O. Box 491

Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Tel 800 394-5268

Fax 800 546-3726


Is there now a proceeding or investigation pending in any court or administrative body (e.g., federal or

state court, grand jury, U.S. Department of Education, or any state agency) involving any individual connected

with the school, which relates to the matters in item 3?

□ Yes

□ No

Attachments to this application: (Re-state each item followed by a response.) Attachments must be

appropriately tabbed to correspond with each item. Three copies of this application and attachments

are to be submitted by the school applying for HVAC/R programmatic accreditation.

If the answer to Item 3 or Item 4 is yes, please attach a statement to this application, which gives full disclo-

sure concerning the persons and matters involved, including an identification of the court or administrative

body and the proceeding. If applicable, detail the facts and circumstances surrounding any investigation in-

volving any individual connected with the school. Also, include a statement of the facts upon which the pro-

ceeding or investigation is or was based, a statement detailing the nature of the offense alleged or committed,

and a description of the current status or disposition of the matter. If the proceeding or investigation has been

resolved, please describe the resolution and circumstances that led to the resolution.


I certify that the information herein and attached hereto is correct and that the school has consistently de-

scribed itself in identical terms to each accrediting agency (where more than one accrediting body is con-

cerned) with regard to identity, purpose, governance, programs, degrees, diplomas, certificates, personnel,

finances, constituents served, and keeps each accrediting agency apprised of any change in its status with

one or another accrediting body.

I grant permission for the HVAC Excellence accreditation board to contact the appropriate state agencies, the

State and U.S. Department of Education, other accrediting agencies, or any other organizations appropriate

for review of this application.

Name ______________________________________Title ________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________________________ Date _______________________