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Compliance Corrections and Annual Reporting

Compliance Corrections

If the self study documentation and the on-site report

are found to be acceptable, the decision to grant

accreditation is made by the HVAC Excellence

accreditation review committee.

The review committee may decide to grant

accreditation that requires specific compliance

corrections to be resolved. If there are compliance

corrections included in the final determination, the

accreditation is contingent upon the compliance

corrections being resolved within ninety days of the


In lieu of completing the compliance corrections

within the afore mentioned time period, an

implementation plan to correct compliance issues

that includes a timeline must be submitted in writing

prior to the afore mentioned deadline.

HVAC Excellence reserves the right to require an

accelerated timeline of the plan of implementation,

and may require a re-inspection. Failure to submit

the compliance corrections will result in the

suspension of the accreditation.

Annual Reporting

Continuation of programmatic accreditation is

contingent upon receipt and acceptance of the

annual report.

The annual report form will be mailed to all

accredited programs the first week of September

and must be submitted and received no later than

December 1st of the same year.

The annual accreditation report and the $175.00

annual report fee are due on or before December 1st

of each year to keep your accreditation from lapsing.

Save $25.00 by filing your report electronically.

The annual report advises the HVAC Excellence

accreditation review committee of substantive

changes in your program and faculty. If there is a

change in instructors, please forward the instructors

educational and industry credentials along with your


Upon receipt and acceptance of the annual report

you will be notified in writing of the acceptance as is

or any compliance corrections required due to

substantive changes during the prior year.