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Standard 8: Cooperative Training

A legally written agreement involving all participants, including the instructor, student, work agent and the

administrative office shall be executed before any student participates in any cooperative training program

(I.E. job shadowing, internship, externship, apprenticeship, etc.).

Standard 8.1 - Performance Standards

All cooperative students shall be under the supervision of an experienced supervisor or instructor while on-

the-job. Grading, evaluations, worker characteristics and attendance of student's work and progress, shall be

made by this person. These evaluations shall then be returned to the HVACR instructor and to the institution

for records and review.

Self Study Instructions

Provide a narrative for each sub-section of Standard 8.

Explain how your program complies with the part of the standard.

The narrative is a comprehensive description of how you meet or comply with the standard.

Provide the following exhibits:

Exhibit 8: A copy of any cooperative training agreements.