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Standard 7: Equipment and Tools

Standard 7.3 - Hand Tools for Students

During the course of study, the student will be required to use basic hand tools. The following is a

recommended minimum list of tools for each student and a list the student should acquire for work in the

HVACR field. A tool purchase program should be in place where the student can obtain tools at reasonable

cost. The student should purchase hand tools required to perform shop/lab experiments. A listing of

necessary hand tools shall be given to each new student by the instructor or by student services. These tools

should be acquired by the student and brought to shop/lab each day.

Suggested Minimum Tool List for Students

Safety glasses

Work gloves

Adjustable wrenches 8' & 10"

Ball peen hammer 12oz or larger

Flare nut wrench set or one 7/16"

Flaring set ¼" to ¾"


Gauge manifold set with 36" hose minimum

Hex key wrench set long 9"

Multimeter (with clamp-on ammeter)

Nut Drivers 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8"

Pliers Diagonal cutting

Pliers Linesman

Pliers Long nose

Pliers Terminal crimpers (AGW 10-22 wire size)

Pliers Tongue and groove

Schrader valve core tool

Screwdriver Phillips #2

Screwdriver Pocket Flat & Phillip

Screwdriver Slotted 1/4", & 5/16"

Service valve wrench (multi sized)

Swaging tool ¼" to ¾"

Tape measure 10ft. or longer

Thermometer Digital thermocouple type

Thermometer pocket type

Tool box

Tube cutter

Tubing Reamer

Utility knife

HVAC Service Equipment and Instrumentation

Air-acetylene torch kit (with assorted tips)


Capacitor tester (May be a feature on the digital


Carbon monoxide (CO) tester

Clamp-on Ammeter

Combustion analyzer

Differential Pressure (Magnehelix) gauge

Digital VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliameter)

Draft gauge

Electronic charging scale

Flow hood

Gas analyzer

Gauge Manifolds (analog and digital)


Micron vacuum gauge

Nitrogen tank w/ regulator and relief valve

Oil pressure gauge

Oil Pump

Oxy-acetylene torch kit (with assorted tips)

Psychrometer (digital and sling)

Recording ammeter

Recording voltmeter

Refrigerant leak detectors (electronic, ultrasonic,

UV, bubble)

Refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment

Refrigerant storage tanks

Smoke Tester

Thermometer (Bi-metal, Digital, Glass tube, &


Vacuum gauge

Vacuum pump