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Standard 7: Equipment and Tools

Standard 7.2 - Laboratory Tools

High quality tools necessary for training shall be located in the laboratory. All tools shall be available for

hands-on comprehensive training and performance testing. Tools shall be available in sufficient quantities for

the students to use during the laboratory portion of the training program. The specific furnishing, tools and

test equipment will be dictated by the curriculum offered.

Suggested Laboratory Furnishing

First aid kit

Safety glasses (for visitors)

Ear plugs (for visitors)

Air Compressor

Appliance truck

Bench grinder


Lockout/tagout kit

Drill press

Eyewash station

Pipe vise

Positive ventilation system

Sheet metal fabrication machinery

Spot welder

Wet dry vacuum cleaner

Workbenches w/ vise

Suggested Laboratory Tools

* Recommended the student obtain these tools

upon graduation.

Adjustable wrenches 8' & 10"

Ball peen hammer 12oz or larger


*Cold chisels

*Combination SAE wrench set

Combination squares

*Drill bits

*Drop light

Duct Board fabrication kit

Duct Crimper tool

Duct Outward Cinching Staple Gun

Duct Stretcher 16-Inch

*Electric drill

Extra Gauge hoses

Fiberglass Duct Hole Cutter


*Fin Comb

Flare / swage set

Flare nut wrench set

Flaring set ¼" to ¾"


Flex Duct Cutter


Hand Trucks

Heat gun

Heavy-duty extension cords

Hex key wrench set long 9"

Hex key wrench set short

Level Magnetic Torpedo

*Magnetic hex drives 1/4", & 5/16"

Nut Drivers 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8"

Oxy-acetylene torch kit

Pinch-off tool

Pipe thread taps & dies

Pipe vise

*Pipe wrenches

Pliers Diagonal cutting

Pliers Linesman

Pliers Long nose

Pliers Terminal crimpers (AGW 10-22 wire size)

Pliers Tongue and groove

Pop Rivet set


PVC cutters

Reciprocating saw

Schrader valve core tool

Scratch awl

Screwdriver Pocket Flat & Phillip

Screwdriver Slotted 1/4", & 5/16"

Service valve Ratchet wrench (multi sized)

Sheet Metal Duct Hole Cutter

Sheet metal Folding Tool 12-Inch

Sheet metal hammer

Sheet metal notcher

*Socket wrench sets (SAE) 1/4” – 3/ 8” – 1/ 2”


*Soldering iron / gun

Straight Hand Seamer 3-Inch

Swaging tool ¼" to ¾"

Tape measure 10ft. or longer

Tensioning Plastic Tie-Wrap Tool

Thermometer pocket type

*Tin snips Combination

*Tin snips (Straight, Left & Right hand cut)

Torch Striker

Torque wrenches

Tube cutter

Tubing bender (Spring, lever and others)

Tubing Reamer

Utility Knife

*Wheel/pulley puller

Wire Stripper