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Standard 7: Equipment and Tools

In order to meet the goals and fulfill the mission of the HVACR program, training equipment and tools must be

readily available. The equipment and tools must be equal in quality to those used in the industry.

The curriculum shall prescribe the equipment and tools required.

Standard 7.1 - Laboratory Equipment

High quality equipment necessary for training shall be located in the laboratory. All equipment shall be

available for hands-on comprehensive training and performance testing.

Air conditioning, heating, and commercial equipment must include new technologies. To keep the program

current and relevant, the HVACR program shall have equipment manufactured over the last five years which

contain some of the new refrigerants, and electrical controls. At least one piece of functioning live equipment,

representative of each phase of the curriculum, must be available. The specific equipment will be dictated by

the curriculum offered.

Suggested Laboratory Equipment

Blower assemblies (direct and belt-driven)

Commercial Ice makers

Condensing Furnaces

Cooling Tower

Ductless split air conditioner/heat pump

Economizer System Trainer


Furnace humidifiers

Gas Heat and Electric Heat Air Exchanger

Humidifier Self Contained

Low temperature semi hermetic air cooled condensing unit and evaporator coil

Mechanical water tower and pump

Medium temperature semi hermetic air cooled condensing unit and evaporator coil

Water cooled semi hermetic condensing unit and evaporator coil

Positive ventilation system


Room Air Conditioners

Self contained refrigeration systems

Split-type air conditioning systems (Multi stage and variable capacity)

Split-type heat pump systems

Walk in cooler and freezer with Cam Lock type walls