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Standard 6: Physical Facilities

The HVACR program's physical facilities shall provide a safe learning environment and provide the means to

facilitate the achievement of the program goals and mission.

Standard 6.1 -Safety

Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and eye wash station shall be available and accessible. The location and

operation of all safety equipment must be included in the curriculum. All classrooms and lab/work areas must

comply with all applicable OSHA regulations. All classrooms and lab/work areas shall comply with local fire

codes. The minimum required combined classroom and shop area per student is 120 square feet.

Standard 6.2 - Classroom and Office

There shall be an area or room separate from the lab or shop area designated as a classroom, and another

room designated as the instructor's office. The classroom must be adequately lighted, heated/cooled, void of

noise or distractions as much as possible. It must be equipped with a marker board, multimedia equipment, as

well as reference materials, internet connected computers (minimum of 1 for every 3 students) and other

teaching/learning equipment necessary to enhance learning. The instructor's office shall be separate from the

classroom to provide a secure place for student records and be convenient for conference needs. The

classroom must be kept clean and orderly.

Standard 6.3 - Maintenance and Housekeeping

Good housekeeping and maintenance of equipment shall be an on-going priority to assure general safety,

establish good work habits, and to provide an adequate training environment. These practices shall be

incorporated as part of the student's training.

Standard 6.4 - Laboratory Area

Training areas or lab stations shall be located in a well-lit separate area, and near the classroom.

Workbenches, training mock-ups, and equipment shall be readily available in the shop area. Given the nature

of the chemicals used in the shop/lab area, the entire area shall be equipped with a permanently installed

mechanical exhaust system that meets the requirements as set forth by local building and occupancy codes.

The Shop/Lab shall have the necessary utilities and fuel supplies to support the stated curriculum such as;

three phase power, natural gas, fuel oil, LPG, etc.