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Self Study Instructions

Provide a narrative for each sub-section of Standard 5


Explain how your program complies with the part of the standard.

The narrative is a comprehensive description of how you meet or comply with the standard.

Provide the following exhibits:

Exhibit 5.1: A detailed copy of the curriculum.

Exhibit 5.2: Documentation of your student to instructor ratio.

Exhibit 5.3: A detailed copy of your established exit points for completers.

Exhibit 5.3A: A copy of the course outline/ syllabus for any supplemental / part-time preparatory training

provided within the past year.

Exhibit 5.4: A copy of the program safety-training outline.

Exhibit 5.4A: A copy of your student statement of safety understanding.

Exhibit 5.4 B: A copy of accident and injury reporting forms.

Exhibit 5.5: A copy of the forms used for student evaluations of attendance, tardiness, completion of

assigned jobs, tasks and lab projects.

Exhibit 5.6: A copy of the Student Progress Report.

Exhibit 5.7: A copy of the forms for evaluation of lab projects and performance testing.

Exhibit 5.7A: A copy of a job assignment used in performance testing.

Exhibit 5.8: A copy of a retained knowledge (written) exam.

Exhibit 5.8A: Documentation of program compliance with the national outcome assessment requirement.

Exhibit 5.8B: Evidence of how students receive EPA certification prior to completion.

Exhibit 5.9: A copy of a live work order and disclaimer of liability.

Exhibit 5.10: A list and description of laboratory equipment available for training. Example: mid-efficiency

gas furnace, condensing gas furnace, air-to-air heat pump, etc. (Supporting material will be inspected

during the on-site visit.)

Exhibit 5.11: A catalog or list of all multimedia reference materials.

Exhibit 5.12: A list of multimedia equipment available for student training.

Exhibit 5.13: A copy of the last three advisory committee minutes and agenda.

Exhibit 5.13A: A list of the advisory committee members. (Include; names, addresses, phone numbers,

and organizations represented.)

Exhibit 5.13B: A copy of the duties of the advisory committee.

Exhibit 5.13C: A copy of the advisory committee’s last efficacy review.

Standard 5: Instructional Design and Program Elements