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Standard 5.11 - Multimedia References and Periodicals

Current HVACR related multi-media reference materials such as; textbooks, newspapers, magazines,

periodicals, and computer-based programs must be available to students, as well as the instructor.

Textbooks and reference materials must be current (written within six years or less). All multimedia materials

shall be cataloged (DVD’s, CD’s VHS Tapes, Films, Etc.). A catalog or list of all multimedia reference

materials shall include a title, description, and length. The catalog and its listed materials shall be available

for student and instructor use.

Standard 5.12


Multimedia Equipment

Multimedia equipment capable of PowerPoint presentation or equivalent shall be available to enhance the

HVACR teaching/learning experience.

Standard 5.13 - HVACR Program Advisory Committee

The program chair or instructor shall appoint a craft advisory committee consisting of a minimum of three

persons, one member from each of the following; employers, program graduates, manufacturers, distributors,

technicians, and contractors. A listing of these members' names, addresses, telephone numbers and

business or business connection shall be available for review. The responsibilities of the committee include

observation, advice and discussion of the HVACR program, as well as an annual review of the program

efficacy as it relates to the community’s future workforce requirements.

This committee must meet no less than twice a year. The program chair should provide an agenda prior to

the meeting. Minutes for each meeting shall include a list of attendees, and a description of all discussions

and proposals. Minutes shall be retained on file for future reference.

The advisory committee’s program annual efficacy review shall include but not be limited to; stated mission,

curriculum, equipment, lab condition, fees, and testing procedures. Each advisory committee member must

sign the annual efficacy review. A copy of the annual program efficacy review shall be maintained on file.

Standard 5: Instructional Design and Program Elements