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Standard 4: Student Services

Student services shall maintain student records, administer pre-admission procedures, promote job

placement and interviews, and perform follow-up. Student services should provide post-completion

transition assistance.

Standard 4.1 - Pre-admission Procedures

Post Secondary Schools

Student services shall interview and accept / reject a prospective student after the student submits an official

application to enter the HVACR program. The student shall be pre-tested to assess reading, mathematical

and language skills.

Secondary Schools

The student shall be pre-tested to assess reading, mathematical and language skills.

Standard 4.2 - Student Medical Information

Student services shall provide students an opportunity to self-disclose any existing medical condition(s) that

may require special considerations or accommodations needed to ensure student success and safety. Medi-

cal Information forms should document information for each student showing any or all allergies, medica-

tions, special medical information and contacts in case of emergency.

Standard 4.3 - Counseling

Student services shall be available for student counseling on a scheduled basis.

Standard 4.4 - Student Transcripts

Student services shall maintain student records for all completers and non-completers, and / or graduates.

Student records shall be maintained in duplicate. One copy shall be kept offsite or in a fireproof environ-

ment. Both copies shall be maintained in a secure (locked) environment.

Standard 4.5 - The School-to-Work Transition

Student services shall assist the HVACR instructor in promoting and implementing job placement assistance

for completers and / or graduates of the HVACR program.

Standard 4.6 - Employment Follow-up Procedures for Post Secondary Schools Only

Student services shall establish and implement follow-up procedures to monitor the employment success of

post completers and / or graduates in the HVACR field. A follow-up shall be conducted within one year after

program completion. This information will be used to evaluate the HVACR program and aid in determining

strengths and weaknesses of instruction. Revisions to the program's curriculum must be considered when

follow-up reveals program deficits.