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Standard 3: Finances and Funds

The institution shall support the objectives and goals of the HVACR program by providing adequate funding.

Standard 3.1 - Student's Fees

The student shall pay any tuition or maintenance fees deemed necessary by the institution. The student shall

be responsible for acquiring supplies, safety equipment, hand tools, and special equipment listed in the

student handbook.

Standard 3.2 - Annual Budget for HVACR Program

The institution shall develop and implement an annual budget for the HVACR program. The administration

shall inform each instructor of all proper and legal procedures for making purchases.

Standard 3.3 - Formulation of Budget

It shall be the responsibility of the institution's administration to prepare an annual budget. The HVACR

Department shall submit an annual program budgetary needs assessment to the administration prior to

preparation of the annual budget. The HVACR Department shall be notified periodically of the available funds.

Self Study Instructions

Provide a narrative for each sub-section of Standard 3.

Explain how your program complies with the part of the standard.

The narrative is a comprehensive description of how you meet or comply with the standard.

Provide the following exhibits:

Exhibit 3.1: A copy of tuition, maintenance fees and a list of the tools required for purchase by students.

Exhibit 3.2: A copy of the HVACR program’s current annual budget.

Exhibit 3.2A: A copy of the purchasing procedures.

Exhibit 3.3: A copy of a periodic HVACR Department notification of available budget funds.