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Standard 2: Administrative Responsibilities

The HVACR program's instruction and curriculum shall accomplish the goals and mission of the program.

Standard 2.1 - Student Achievement Records

The student shall be awarded a diploma, certificate or degree after completion. The student records must

clearly specify the demonstrated competency level(s) achieved.

Standard 2.2 - Administration Support of the HVACR Program

The HVACR program must have the full support of the institution's administration. Equipment, facilities,

trainers, tools, training materials, special equipment needs, and supplies will evidence said support. Any

specialized and new equipment training, or update training for the instructor must be supported and

documented by the administration.

Standard 2.3 - The Institution's Requirements

The institution's policies concerning attendance and violations, prohibitions, liabilities, safety, parking, or any

other pertinent information must be provided to students and staff of the HVACR program.

Self Study Instructions

Provide a narrative for each sub-section of Standard 2.

Explain how your program complies with the part of the standard.

The narrative is a comprehensive description of how you meet or comply with the standard.

Provide the following exhibits:

Exhibit 2.1: A copy of a diploma, certificate, degree or transcript that clearly specifies level(s) of

competency achieved.

Exhibit 2.2A: The line item budgets for the current and two previous years.

Exhibit 2.2B: Prior year’s executed purchase orders for the HVACR Department.

Exhibit 2.2C: Evidence of all instructor professional development (Seminars, Classes, Conferences,

additional credentials, etc.).

Exhibit 2.3: The location by page number in the student handbook or catalog, the institution’s policies

concerning attendance, violations, prohibitions, liabilities, safety and parking.