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The mission of the HVACR program and its students shall be clearly stated.

Standard 1.1 - Mission for Program Students

The HVACR program student shall be trained and educated to the level(s) as described in the program goals,

in order to become gainfully employed at entry level or above. There should be potential jobs available in


near the service area for students of the HVACR program.

Standard 1.2 - Program Mission and Description

There shall be a documented program description listing goals for the students of the HVACR program.

This document shall be available to any potential student.

A student handbook listing tuition, maintenance fees, special clothing or safety equipment, textbooks, tools

and any other pertinent information must be given to each new student during orientation prior to entering the


Employment potential for students and technical qualifications of the HVACR instructor shall also be included

in the orientation.

Self Study Instructions

Provide a narrative for each sub-section of Standard 1.

Explain how your program complies with the part of the standard.

The narrative is a comprehensive description of how you meet or comply with the standard.

Provide the following exhibits:

Exhibit 1: A copy of the HVACR program mission statement. Please indicate areas or publications that

display the HVACR program mission statement.

Exhibit 1.1: A list of potential jobs located near or in the immediate area. These should be names and

addresses of companies in the surrounding area that either have employed or could potentially employ

HVACR program graduates/completers.

Exhibit 1.2: A copy of the student handbook and catalog. If these documents are located on-line, please

provide the appropriate web page link.

Standard 1: Mission of the Program