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Self Study Instructions

A self-study is a compilation of narratives and exhibits that demonstrates your program’s compliance with the

established standards. A review committee assesses the self-study prior to scheduling an on-site visitation.

The purpose of the on-site visitation is to verify and further document the self-study.

It is our goal to provide a cost efficient on-site visit. Self-studies that lack depth or that are less than complete

lead to longer and more expensive on-site visitations. The self-study may be returned to the institution for

additions to the narratives and/or exhibits.

Self-Study Narratives Instructions

Provide a comprehensive narrative that describe how your program satisfies each standard and standard sub

-sections. A narrative is sentences that show how the program meets or exceeds the standard. It is

suggested that one view each standard as a question to be answered how does the program meet this

standard. Number each narrative using the standard and standard sub-section number to which the narrative

refers. (It is not required to re-state the Standard).


Exhibits may be any type of document, such as a form, report, photograph, letter, minutes, handbook or

catalog, or page in a handbook or catalog, etc. If several exhibits for various standards and/or sub-sections

of standards are located in the same document, such as a hand book or catalog, only one handbook or

catalog (per self-study) is required. Note in the narrative the location i.e. page number of the exhibit. Since

we require a permanent record of all exhibits, and since information located within a website changes from

time to time, printing the appropriate page(s) for inclusion as an exhibit is required.

If you have any questions concerning the above instructions, please call your assigned visiting team member.

Submit your self-study digitally or in paper format in triplicate to:

HVAC Excellence

1350 W Northwest Hwy.

Mount Prospect, IL 60056