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Terms and Conditions of Accreditation

Maximum accreditation from HVAC Excellence is for a period of six years. A training program and/or

institution receiving a six-year accreditation will have embraced and surpassed all of the standards within the


HVACR educational programs that meet most but not all of the accreditation standards may receive a six

year accreditation provided all compliance corrections are completed within 90 days of the final

determination and upon a recommendation of the onsite team members. HVACR educational programs with

compliance corrections that cannot be completed within 90 days of their final determination may be granted

accreditation for a lesser period of time. If the complexity of the compliance correction warrants additional

time, an implementation plan must be submitted and accepted by HVAC Excellence within 90 days of the

final determination


The plan must be completed prior to the first anniversary of the accreditation. If all

compliance corrections are not resolved as required above, HVAC Excellence reserves the right to suspend

said accreditation until all compliance corrections are completed.

HVAC Excellence requires accredited programs to submit an annual report during the fourth quarter of each

calendar year. Upon receipt, the report is evaluated by the HVAC Excellence review committee. Once it is

determined that the annual report reflects continued compliance with the accreditation standards, the school

is notified in writing that the accreditation will remain in effect until the next anniversary date. Without your

annual report, we cannot determine if in the prior year there were any substantial changes to your faculty

and or program that may affect your compliance with our standards.

Accredited programs that fail to submit an annual report as required will be notified by telephone call to the

HVAC program chair or instructor that they are delinquent in reporting and are given thirty days to comply.

After thirty days, if the school fails to comply, the school’s chief administrator will be mailed a letter with

notification of intent to suspend the accreditation


If the annual report is not received within forty five days,

the administration will receive a certified letter indicating that program accreditation is officially suspended

and listing is removed from our web site.

HVAC Excellence reserves the right to refuse accreditation on the basis that such accreditation may

adversely affect the integrity and purpose of the overall program, notwithstanding the fact that the program or

institution may have otherwise met the standards for qualifications set forth above. Under such unusual

circumstances, HVAC Excellence would refund the application fee to the applying program.