About ESCO


Welcome to ESCO, your gateway to the dynamic world of HVACR and building science, where innovation and knowledge converge to shape the future of the industry. We are dedicated to setting and elevating industry standards, providing validation tools, and delivering tailored training resources to help professionals like you thrive. Join us in advancing the HVACR industry and building a brighter, more sustainable future together.


Our team actively collaborates with government agencies and standards organizations to ensure the success of new regulations and standards as they are implemented in our industry. We have established partnerships with respected entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs, ASHRAE, the Western HVAC Performance Alliance, the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials, the National Institute of Building Sciences, the United States Green Building Council, and the United States Senate’s High Performance Building Council.

Members of the ESCO team have extended their expertise to assist other countries, including India, Turkey, and Kuwait, in developing high-performance and sustainable building standards. They have also played a crucial role in working with the United States Government to create an energy auditor training program, as well as developing curriculum and certification programs for the Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship programs.

Our dedicated team members bring a wealth of experience in various HVACR industry roles, encompassing technicians, contractors, instructors, and curriculum writers. Notably, several of our team members are esteemed authors and co-authors of industry-leading textbooks, including two who co-authored the widely acclaimed textbook, "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology" by Cengage.

In addition to their individual accomplishments, many of our team members have held leadership positions at national associations, state education agencies, international apprenticeship programs, schools, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Their collective efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of technical education and the establishment of industry standards. Drawing on these rich experiences, they now collaborate with government agencies, standards organizations, and a diverse range of industry stakeholders to enhance HVACR industry education.

At ESCO, we are driven by our passion for innovation, our unwavering commitment to education, and our dedication to improving industry standards. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of HVACR and building science. Explore our offerings, and let's progress together towards a brighter, more efficient future.


As your trusted partner, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.
Here are some of our key offerings:

Competency and Task List (Instructor Roadmap)

Our roadmap equips instructors with the essential knowledge areas and skills needed to enrich their educational programs. Leading publishers align their publications with the HVAC Excellence competency and task list, to ensure if covers the requirements for success in the industry, as well as in preparation for the HVAC Excellence certifications. Look for the HVAC Excellence logo on their covers or cross-walks on their websites.

Programmatic Accreditation

We provide independent, non-governmental, third-party reviews of educational programs, ensuring they meet the highest standards of excellence. HVAC Excellence offers third-party accreditation for programs in Building Automation Systems (BAS), Green Mechanical Systems (GMS), and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR).

Certifications (Portable and Stackable Credentials)

Our organization offers nearly 100 portable and stackable certifications designed to support HVACR professionals at every stage of their careers, from students to technicians and instructors. These certifications empower individuals to progress and excel in their field.

HVACR Learning Network (Elearning)

Our digital resource center provides a diverse array of courses, programs, and videos, allowing you to access valuable knowledge at your convenience.

HVACR Solutions Center (Online Store)

Explore our extensive repository of textbooks, manuals, reference guides, digital media, and training packages, all curated to meet your specific needs.

Live Show (Webcast)

Join our live, interactive webcasts to stay updated on the latest technologies and industry trends presented by industry leaders.


Our podcasts feature industry professionals sharing their stories and insights, helping you succeed at your own pace.

National HVACR Education Conference

Gain critical insights from government leaders, manufacturers, and industry-leading organizations at our conference. It covers hot-topic issues that directly impact your professional journey.


We invite you to meet members of our team.