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It is our mission to improve the technical competency of the current and future HVACR and building science workforce.

Some of the products and services we offer include: training manuals, software, instructional resources, programmatic accreditation, professional development and over seventy industry certifications.

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ESCO Institute

ESCO Institute

ESCO Institute provides: certifications, curriculum, modular training packages, customized training solutions and publishing services for the HVACR industry. Additionally, ESCO Institute is the is the largest provider of the EPA Section 608 Certification.

ESCO Institute

HVAC Excellence

It is the mission of HVAC Excellence to improve competency through validation of the technical education process. The success of the current and future HVACR workforce depends upon everyone in the industry continually validating and updating their skills at all levels; students, technicians and educators. Additionally, we need to ensure that training programs are meeting the necessary standards to ensure a highly skilled workforce and that the individuals responsible for training are knowledgeable and competent in their technical and teaching skills.

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ESCO Institute

Green Mechanical Council

The Green Mechanical Council is an association of that represents those who manufacture, design, build, install, maintain, and service the energy efficient and environmentally responsible mechanical systems built or retrofitted into today’s commercial, industrial, and residential structures.

Green Mechanical Systems will only remain energy efficient beyond the "design/build" phase if they are installed, maintained, and serviced by skilled mechanics and technicians that understand the vital role their knowledge and skill plays in keeping today’s mechanical systems "Green over Time". This new workforce must consist of persons who have been educated in properly accredited training and certification programs.

The Green Mechanical Council works to ensure that training and certification in sus-tainable technologies is of the highest quality.

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ESCO Institute

Carbon Monoxide Safety Association, “COSA”

The Carbon Monoxide Safety Association “COSA” provides training and training resources to professional associations, local & state licensing authorities’, Environmental technicians, energy technicians, inspectors, HVACR techni-cians, combustion equipment manufacturers, emergency response, health technicians, civic groups, government, fuel suppliers, building & mechanical inspectors and others requiring safety awareness training in the areas of carbon monoxide or combustion analysis.

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ESCO Institute

AC&R Safety Coalition

The AC&R Safety Coalition, was formed to address various safety issues within the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors of the HVACR industry. Coalition members include; Ferris State University, the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, HVAC Excellence, the Indoor Air Quality Association, Industrial Technical Excellence, ES-CO Institute and the United Association.

The publication and grading services for the coalition are provided by ESCO Group.

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ESCO Institute

National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference

The ESCO Group collectively sponsors the National Educators and Trainers Conference which offers professional development to educators and trainers in the HVACR Industry.

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President, COSA

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